Presidential Fundraising Heats Up as 2024 Election Looms

Presidential Fundraising 2024

Presidential Fundraising

President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) maintained their fundraising momentum in the third quarter of 2023, amassing $71 million, while former President Donald Trump continued to dominate the GOP field, raising $45.5 million. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ fundraising slowed slightly, bringing in $15 million.

Biden and DNC

• Raised $71 million in the third quarter • $91 million cash on hand • 97% of donations from small-dollar donors


• Raised $45.5 million in the third quarter • $37.5 million cash on hand • Aggressive fundraising strategy centered on legal battles


• Raised $15 million in the third quarter • $5 million available for GOP primary • Fundraising slowed compared to second quarter

The article highlights the intense presidential fundraising efforts underway as the 2024 presidential election approaches. Biden and the DNC are banking on small-dollar donors, while Trump is leveraging his legal battles to energize his base. DeSantis, despite a slight dip in fundraising, remains a formidable contender.

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