Donald Trump Campaign Across America, Skip GOP Debate

Donald Trump Campaign

Donald Trump campaigning across America

Donald Trump campaigning this week in South Carolina, Michigan, California, and Iowa.
He is skipping the second Republican primary debate on Wednesday in Simi Valley, California.
Instead, he will focus on shoring up support in early-nominating states and wooing swing-state voters.
Trump’s rally in Summerville, South Carolina, on Monday drew a large crowd.
In his speech, Trump described the 2024 campaign as the “final battle.”

He said that with his supporters at his side, he will “demolish the deep state” and “expel the warmongers.”
Both nationally and in South Carolina, Trump has commanding leads in the GOP primary surveys.
Several contenders, including Haley and Scott, are battling for second place among GOP voters right now.
They want to become the principal Trump opponent for primary voters.

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