Donald Trump makes a daring plea: Voters should brave the harsh cold and caucus, for it’s “worth it,” he insists.

Worth it

President Trump made a final, impassioned plea

In a blizzard-battered Iowa, former President Trump made a final, impassioned plea. He urged shivering supporters, some enduring wind chills near -50°F, to “not sit home” and caucus, even suggesting voting “sick as a dog” was worth it. Though forced to cancel three rallies, the packed Simpson College auditorium, Trump declared, proved the storm “had zero effect.” Bolstered by celebrity endorsers like WWE star Kane and UK politician Nigel Farage, Trump, once concerned about complacency, now emphasized the critical need for turnout, imploring supporters to show up “no matter what.” This scene painted a picture of a campaign facing weather challenges but aiming to secure strong participation through direct appeals and star power.

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