Trump’s post-presidential position is undetectable.

Post-Presidential Position

Donald Trump enjoys putting his name on things, except for this post-presidential position office on North Flagler Drive, which is paid for the taxpayers.

The address, which is approximately a 10-minute drive from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, isn’t listed on his website. There is no nameplate on the hallway’s wall. There is no official or unofficial seal on the frosted glass door. The brand Trump, which the former president estimates to be worth billions of dollars, is also not mentioned.

Steven Cheung, his spokesperson, asserted that due to its secrecy, he was ignorant of its existence.

When NBC News inquired about the suite on Wednesday, Cheung responded, “I’ve never heard of a North Flagler office.”

But it’s right here, one story beneath a base for Trump’s Secret Service protection and across the hall from an IRS apartment with a door marked “criminal investigation.” The office’s location was confirmed by three sources.

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