Trump’s choice to attend the beginning of his civil trial was both a personal and political decision.

Trump Civil Trial

Trump Civil Trial

On the first day of the New York civil case against him and his company, former President Donald Trump attended the civil trial, turning it into a campaign-like setting despite not being required to appear. The case, in which Judge Arthur Engoron ruled Trump and his co-defendants liable for fraud, saw Trump’s attorneys adopting a combative approach.

Trump labeled it a “witch hunt” and accused the New York Attorney General and the judge of trying to damage his reputation. The Attorney General’s office alleged Trump and co-defendants committed fraud, convincing banks to take on hidden risks. Trump’s lawyers argued the case misunderstood real estate business practices. During the trial, the judge sparred with Trump’s attorneys, highlighting the contentious nature of the proceedings, where he will ultimately decide the outcome, not a jury.

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