Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Suggests Fear is Driving Trump’s Inflammatory Social Media Posts

Trump Attorney

According to former President Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, Trump’s recent increase in sharing inflammatory videos on his Truth Social platform is driven by one primary factor – fear. 

Cohen expressed his views on the “Political Beatdown” podcast by the MeidasTouch Network, suggesting that Trump is using these posts as a way to vent and cope with his current situation.

Former Trump attorney commented, “Donald is gripped by fear, and this is his way of dealing with it.”  He needs an outlet, and right now, his postings on Twitter and Truth Social serve as his way to vent and feel better about his circumstances.” 

Cohen former Trump attorney, who previously cooperated with authorities in the Stormy Daniels hush money case and served a three-year prison sentence, believes that Trump is fully aware of the mounting legal challenges he faces.

In one of Trump’s recent videos, he criticized President Joe Biden harshly, referring to him as a “lunatic” and a “mental catastrophe” leading the country to ruin. Cohen responded with a swipe, stating, “While Trump is making these claims, he’s the one who appears to be floundering.”

He also criticized the content of Trump’s remarks, labeling them as one of his “most ill-advised” moves. For further details, you can click here to read the full article.

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