At a rally in South Dakota, Trump declares, “I’m being indicted for you.”

Rally in South Dakota

Donald rally in South Dakota

When Donald J. Trump visited South Dakota in July 2020 while running for re-election as president, he stood in front of Mount Rushmore and painted a bleak picture of what he believed his left-leaning rivals would do to the nation.

After three years, a loss in an election, and four indictments, Mr. Trump made a similar point at a rally in South Dakota on Friday. He said that he was the only thing stopping America from imploding.

At a hockey rink in Rapid City, South Dakota, Mr. Trump once again addressed a throng of around 7,000 people, saying, “They’re just destroying our country.” I firmly feel that there won’t be any United States of America left if we don’t take it back in 24.

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